Hi, I'm Brooke...

...and I really love capturing real moments. Real life. Families, newborns, wobbly one-year-olds, portraits for the job, and every celebration in between.

There's something about freezing a moment in time that's so magical - those unique quirks, a bat of an eye, look of endearment... personality. The moments in time you may never think you need captured, but it's what your heart will long to remember for years to come.

When I look at my little girl's fine baby hairs, sweaty toddler cheeks, and chubby little thighs (all the while she is baiting my husband for another piece of candy with that irresistible smirk) -  I think to myself that this is the real stuff I want to remember. The stuff I need to remember. 

So, that's what I capture. Real moments. And you may walk away from our session wondering why it wasn't super posed, and you'll maybe feel like you were just hanging out with all the people you love (with a little paparazzi!). If you go on over to my portfolio section you'll see what I mean. 

Connect with me, and we will have a great time together capturing something really beautiful.