Summer is here in Destin, Florida!

It’s here! The traffic… the buzz of tourists… the HEAT! It’s the perfect beach-front weather, and our evenings have been gorgeous!

Sunset Maternity Session

I am not going to lie - the idea of doing an hour long maternity session would have made me sigh a little when I was doing sessions in NYC/NJ. I mean, how many pictures can you get of a couple touching and loving on a baby bump? (I know, I know... worst newborn photographer ever haha). BUT maternity session at the beach?!? Every 5 minutes before sunset theres new light. Then you turn around and theres ocean... then palm trees... then soft billowy grass and dunes... then backlit pictures and front lit... I meannnn you and your cute bump need pictures with it ALL! 

This couple was ADORABLE. So lovely and in love. They just kept wanting pictures of dad kissing the bump and who was I to disagree?!

Overcast Beach Day!

Not everyday is sunny here in Destin, Florida. But that doesn't stop us from getting some beautiful pictures! You'll hear some say they love overcast, other say it's their worst nightmare. I think it's the perfect opportunity to get midday play pictures that otherwise may not happen. The fun thing about the beach is that depending on the time of day you take pictures, you get such a unique look. I chase a lot of light, but beach light may just be my favorite light <3

Sisterly Love

This sweet little babe was way too good to me. I drove through a snow storm to get to her this winter, and I am so glad I did! Big sister also joined in and the two of them together just couldn't be anymore precious. 


**I also feel the need to start noting that Brooke Bacon Photography will be relocating to Destin, Florida this coming spring. I am so sad to leave Hoboken and New Jersey and all of my wonderful clients! My last sessions here in New Jersey will be in April 2018, and I will be taking on clients starting in June 2018 in the Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, and 30A area. If you know anyone down there, feel free to tell them your favorite photographer will be headed their way!

Summer Baby - Beckett Newborn

After a winter and spring full of newborn baby boy sessions, I was dying to capture my own baby boy! I may be biased - but I am just so in love with the pictures I was able to get of ourselves (it was quite tricky trying to orchestrate this a few days pp!). 

We welcomed him early this summer, and everyone is THRILLED he is finally here (my toddler daughter asks all the time "can we keep him...PLEEEEEEASE!").